DUS Guidelines

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    This tuberose hybrid bears single type fragrant flowers on strong, medium spikes. The flower buds are attractive with slightly pinkish tinge. The spikes have more number of flowers and the individual flowers are larger compared to the local cv. ‘Single’. This hybrid is tolerant to root knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita.The loose flower yield of this hybrid ranged from 14-15 t/ha/year.

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    This tuberose hybrid between Mexican single x Pearl Double is multi-whorled with bold, large, pure white fragrant flowers borne on long spikes in contrast to off white flowers of local cv. ‘Double’. The number of flowers per spike is more and flower opening is uniform in this hybrid as compared to the local ‘Double’ cultivar. Spike yield is 1.5-2.0 lakh spikes/ha/year. Spikes are best suited for cut flower purpose.

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    This hybrid bears single type flowers on tall, sturdy spikes. The flower buds are slightly pinkish in colour while the flowers are white. The individual flowers are larger in size compared to local single. It yields 17-18 t/ha/year. The flowers have a better shelf life compared to other varieties. The spikes are also being used for cut flower purpose.

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    This hybrid bears double flowers on medium spikes and exhibits early flowering. The flower buds are greenish in colour in contrast to pinkish buds in ‘Suvasini’ and local double. Flowers are white and spike yield is 2.5-3.0 lakh spikes/ha/year.

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    A hybrid with single type flowers and gives high spike yield. It exhibits early flowering and prolonged blooming period from 6-8 months. It continues to flower when other varieties enter dormancy and ideal for loose flower purpose. It possesses higher concrete content of 0.132 % and is tolerant to nematodes (Meloidogyne incognita). The yield of loose flowers varies from 20-22 t/ha/year.

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    This hybrid exhibits early flowering and continuously flower for 180 days. The spikes have upward looking florets and the flowers are almost straight. It is a dwarf type, very attractive with greenish colour bud. The flowers are highly fragrant. It is field tolerant to root knot nematodes. It grows in 6 inch plastic pots with the media consist of AFC + Soil + Sand + FYM (1:1:1:1 v/v) found to be suitable.