DUS Guidelines

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    The F1 hybrid selection, a cross between Local x Lakshmi crossandra has its unique character of bigger size flowers, which is 69% higher than the local cultivar. The plant height resembles that of local cultivar, however, inflorescence length, hairy structures on inflorescence resembles that of Lakshmi. The weight per 100 flowers was 13.01 g compared to its parents 6.24 and 6.47 g.

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    The F1 hybrid selection is a cross between Local yellow x Delhi crossandra showed a unique character of bigger size flowers, which is 67% higher than the local cultivar and also for its novel colour of Orange (Orange group 21 A). The weight per 100 flowers was 11.9 g compared to its parents 5.05 and 6.45 g.

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    It is a hybrid between Local x Arka Ambara. The plant and flower morphology of this hybrid resembles that of Arka Ambara, however, with a change in flower colour. The flower size and yield is superior with the hybrid Arka Ambara and got a unique colour (Orange Red group 32A)

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    It is a hybrid between Crossandra Nilotica x Mangalore Local. The long rachis length of the inflorescence and opening of 4 flowers at a time can be exploited to use this hybrid as a cut flower, in addition to the loose flower for garlands. The small jars with crossandra flowers can be used for decorating small table space.

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    It is developed through mutation and no seed set in this mutant. The flowers can be harvested 4 months after planting. The flower is medium sized and slightly bigger than the local (20%). The yield is 4 times higher than the local variety (40 kg loose flowers/week/1000 plants) and better shelf life. The stalk strength is 20 per cent more than the local variety.