Good number of varieties have been developed in the National Agricultural Research System and is being disseminated to the farming community from time to time. ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru has been conducting research on several flower crops and has developed good number of sustainable varieties / hybrids .......

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     In the area of ornamental crops, the Institute has developed good number of varieties having high yield, attractive colour, novelty and improved shelf life in flower crops. One gerbera variety, Arka Red and four marigold hybrids, Arka Shubha, Arka Vibha, Arka Abhi and Arka Bhanu, rich in carotenoids and superior in yield has been identified and released during current year. Many of the gladiolus varieties, China aster varieties and Tuberose cultivar Arka Prajwal has become highly popular among farmers in Eastern as well as other parts of the country. Crossandra varieties-Arka Kanaka, Arka Ambara and Arka Channa have also gained popularity among the farmers.