Common pests are mites, aphids, thrips, beetles, scales, snails and slugs, for which prophylactic sprays are recommended. Spraying Dicofol @ 1 ml/l or Abamectin @ 0.5 ml/l controls mites. Acephate @ 1.5 g/l controls thrips and Metaldehyde 6% @ 0.7 g/m2 controls snails and slugs. Neem oil 2 ml/l can be alternated with the chemical pesticides for effective control of pests. The most common orchid virus is Cymbidium Mosaic Virus (CyMV). Foliar symptoms induced by CyMV range from chlorotic mosaic patterns, seen clearly on the youngest leaves, in many orchid varieties, to black necrotic streaks/spots/rings and sunken patches on Cattleya orchids.



    The commonly occuring diseases are root rot, leaf spot and anthracnose. Drenching with carbendazim @ 0.1% is effective against root rot. Spraying Diathane M-45 @ 0.2% controls leaf spot and Difenoconazole 0.5 ml/l spray controls anthracnose.